New John Brookfield Book in the Works

John Brookfield is doing well with his Battling Ropes and associated business ventures, and next up for him is a new book.

“The book will be on the art of developing physical prowess and mental readiness,” John told IronMind®. “The book will feature and reveal countless physical and mental methods I have developed and researched over the years that will help literally anyone at any level achieve and succeed in their chosen sport or battlefield.  The vast majority of these methods have never been seen before and I will show anyone how to start implementing them safely into their own training to surpass their wildest dreams when it comes to improving their own physical prowess.

“I will show how to adapt to and make gains in the cold weather and intense heat while training outside,” continued John.  “We will examine methods such as the power of multi-tasking and the power of boredom as well as show unique drills that have never been seen before that will greatly help to increase explosive power and velocity.  Last but not least there will be a workout section with unique workouts that show different levels of difficulty from beginner to world record performance.

“The reader will learn how to develop and increase their physical prowess and mental readiness and learn the power of how to link the two together in an unbreakable bond.  The reader will learn formulas of progression for increasing intensity, speed, distance and duration,” said John.

Keep your eye on John Brookfield's Battling Ropes website for more information.

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