New Guinness World Record: “Heaviest Aircraft Pulled by an Individual”

Rev. Kevin Fast set a new Guinness World Record by pulling a 416,299-lb. plane a distance of 8.8 meters yesterday, according to a press release sent to IronMind®.

Fast, a Lutheran Pastor from Cobourg, Ontario and a strongman competitor, pulled the plane in 1 minute and 16 seconds, according to the press release, which also included these details:

“Canadian record-keeper Carey Low presided over the event ensuring that the plane pull met the Guinness World Record guidelines.  He officially declared that Fast broke the record, which was previously held by David Huxley of Australia, who pulled a Boeing 747-400, weighing 412,264 lb. on 15 October 1997 at Sydney, Australia.”

Rev. Fast also holds the Guinness World Record for "Heaviest Vehicle Pulled Over 100 Ft."

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