New Gripper for the .1%

99.9% of people who train with grippers think they feel fine in both hands, but if you think your left hand has gotten short shrift, meet IronMind's Left-Turn grippers.

Left Turn Grippers_lg
A new twist on grippers: Left-Turn grippers from IronMind, grip central since 1988. Image courtesy of IronMind Enterprises, Inc.

Left-Turn grippers feature:
•  IronMind's proprietary GR8-L™ springs: precise, durable, good-looking
•  black anodized aircraft-grade aluminum handles
•  precision manufacturing and peerless build quality for world-class performance
•  IronMind® stamped in the clear band mid-handle and model at the end of the handle
•  Captains of Crush Compatible (CoC2)
Click on this link for more information on Left-Turn grippers and here's a link to them in the IronMind e-store.


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