New Grip Tip: John Brookfield and "Squatter's Rights"

One of the ironies in the strength world is that if you are looking for the guys with the strongest grips, you won't find them among the grip specialists, so even if your primary goals center on things like dominating Captains of Crush® Grippers or the Rolling Thunder®, don't neglect your overall functional training.

John Brookfield's Grip Tip: Read "Squatter's Rights" for a strength and conditioning program that will tune up your whole body. Logo courtesy of IronMind® Enterprises, Inc.

And overall functional training is just what John Brookfield spotlights with his latest article, "Squatter's Rights." Look for all the characteristics you would expect of a John Brookfield article: simple equipment, a backyard setting, and a no-coast routine that will produce big results.

Follow the link to John Brookfield's Grip Tip or go to the Training Articles button at the top of the IronMind® homepage.

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