Nebraska Highlander: Rain Delay Doesn’t Dampen Spirits

Reporting on the NAHA Nebraska Highlander contest, D. J. Satterfield told IronMind®, “The day started out very rainy, but eventually let up so we could get things going,” as the contest drew “competitors from all strength disciplines and levels.”

“Pro strongmen, pro Highland Games, pro football & powerlifting,” were represented, Sattfield said.  “We even had Warrick Brant show up to compete, who is from Australia.  The competitors loved the new format (1/2 strongman, 1/2 Highland Games) and all the divisions were very competitive.  Most came down to a point or two for the win.”

“The best of all, we raised $2,500 for Camp CoHoLo, which was our main reason for the contest. This will help at least 6 kids get to go to camp.”

Here are the top places.

Women (Open):

Amy Doner (IA)                      6 points

Men’s Lightweight (<200 lb.):

Jesse Jobe  (IA)                     23 points
Tim Pinkerton (NE)                22.5
Mac Capello (NE)                  16.5   

Men’s Middleweight (201 - 250 lb.):

Adam Keep (USA/England)   46 points
Eric Todd  (MO)                     31
Glenn Melnick (NE)                29

Men’s Heavyweight (+251 lb.):

Warrick Brant (Australia)         29 points
Charles Kasson (NE)               28
Sean Betz  (NE)                       23

Men’s Master (Open):

Darren Barnhart (KS)               26 points
Larry Kaiser (NE)                     22
David Lindstrom (KS)              18

Watch for a full report on the North American Highlander Association (NAHA) website in the next day or two.

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