National Pro-Am Armwrestling Championships: Huge Hit

The USWA/USAA National Pro-AM championships drew approximately 200 competitors to the Tahoe Biltmore Lodge and Casino (Crystal Bay, Nevada). Showing what an international event this contest has become, yesterday's pro classes had representatives from the US, England, Bulgaria, Japan and Switzerland.

Men's professional right-hand winners were:

 0 - 132 Greg Grey

133 - 154 Mike McGraw

155 - 176 Kenny Hughes

177 - 198 Neil Pickup

199 - 242 John Brzenk

243+ John Brzenk

Clearly happy with the way this competition has developed into a top tournament capable of pulling an international field, USAA/USAW Executive Officer Denise Wattles said, "I think we did it."

Amateur, Masters and Grand Masters classes continue today.

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