NAS on Drug Testing

IronMind® invited IFSA-USA, ASC and NAS president Dione Wessels to comment on NAS's position on drug testing.

As background for IronMind®'s invitation, consider that while strength sports that are on the Olympic program have very strict drug testing policies, and while most of the other strength sports include federations with clearly defined drug-testing procedures, to date, this has not been the case in strongman. And while some wags debate whether an in-competition, drug-related death in strongman would be terrific or horrific for TV ratings, the absence of drug-tested strongman contests might be changing.

Wessels said that NAS is wrapping up "its busiest year yet in terms of number of contests run," but still more are coming.

"For 2007, NAS plans to host an even larger number of contests, giving amateur strongmen around the country even more opportunities to compete. As the premier amateur strongman organization in the United States," Wessels said, "NAS is ever evolving and will continue to welcome new promoters and new ideas, including drug-tested contests provided that the testing is conducted in a fair and non-subjective manner." 

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