NAS Strongman Record Breakers and IronMind Rolling Thunder® Challenge

Illinois NAS Chairman Tony Soucie is hosting a NAS Strongman Record Breakers and an IronMind® Rolling Thunder® contest in Wateka, Illinois on July 2nd, and it promises to be a terrific event. The NAS records for five strongman events will be on the line: 1) The log clean and press, 2) max deadlift, 3) farmer's carry for distance, 4) Conan's wheel, and 5) the Atlas stones. Here's your chance to go to the NAS Nationals because there are Women's, Teens, Masters and Open Men's divisions, with a lightweight and heavyweight class in each, and the top three competitors from each category will quality for the nationals. If that's not enough, IFSA Pro Shawn Smith will be taking a shot at the 22 foot IFSA record with a 35-pound beer keg, and everyone who'd like to put their grip strength to the test can enter the Rolling Thunder® contest. For details, please check the NAS-Illinois web site  and the NAS web site at and you can email Tony Soucie with questions: .

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