NAS Platinum Plus: Mike Caruso and Tom Mutaffis Win in Dallas

"Mike Caruso is the latest heavyweight ASC pro and Tom Mutaffis is the new lightweight ASC pro,” Dione Wessels reported from Dallas, the site of the last North American Strongman (NAS) Platinum Plus contest this year.

These victories earned Caruso and Mutaffis their American Strongman Corp (ASC) pro cards, as they climbed the ladder based on their results in NAS competitions.

Here are the top five heavyweight scores, officially:

1. Mike Caruso 54.5
2. J. Pritchett 53.5
3. Dave Bourgeois 45.5
4. Alan Colley 44.5
5. Vincent Urbank 43.5

"In the heavyweight division, it came down to the last event, with small separations in points," Wessels said.  "There are at least ten very good amateurs who will be joining the pro ranks very soon!

"Tom Mutaffis pretty much ran away with the lightweight division and will do well at the lightweight pro nationals in September," said Wessels.

Please check the official NAS website for full details.


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