NAS Buckeye Classic Strongman

Combine the best efforts of Steve Slater, Wes Sims and Willie Wessels, and it's no surprise that last weekend's North American Strongman (NAS) Buckeye Classic strongman competition was such a hit.

Steve Slater, of Slater Hardware and Slater Stones fame, told IronMind® that the name was chosen because they "wanted to bring back some of the classic equipment that the pioneers of strongman once used. Big globe, shot-loadable dumbbells, real wood strongman logs and rustic huge wood timbers for the farmer's walk got the attention of many amateur athletes, not to mention Atlas stones as heavy as over 500 lb.

"The proceeds went to the local Hammer House Youth Boxing Club operated by MMA fighter Wes Sims. The club has been Wes's dream since he started MMA. He keeps the kids off the streets and in the gym where they belong, making a huge difference in their lives now and hopefully forever in the future.

"Special thanks goes out to Mr. Viperpower himself, Derek Poundstone. Derek volunteered his time to fly to the show to help judge, coach and inspire the spectators, along with the athletes, by doing 400-lb. timber farmer's walk in each hand; walking around 60 ft. or so, with a turn, then holding the timbers for a while just to give the crowd a little more than what they paid for. They went crazy! To top it off, in the warm-up room he threw 390 on a wood log and stuck overhead it like the champion he is."

Here are the winners:

Lucjan Zolnierowski - lightweight teen
Derick Scott - heavyweight teen
Chris Muir - 200-lb. class
Chris Berry - 220-lb. class
Jeff Spencer - 265-lb. class
Brad Ardrey - 300-lb. class
Matthew Dawson - super heavyweight class

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