Mutlu and Wang Strike Gold in Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia – Halil Mutlu (Turkey) won the men's 62-kg category today at the World Weightlifting Championships with a 147.5-kg snatch and a 175-kg clean and jerk.

Mutlu didn't look to be his usual sharp self, and in the post-competition press conference, he mentioned being concerned about his shoulder, after his surgery, and that it had not yet been decided whether he would compete in the 56-kg or in the 62-kg category at the Athens Olympics next year.  Shi Zhiyong (China) was second, with 147.5/170, and Henadzi Alisashcuk (Bella Russe) was third, with 142.5/175.

In the women's 48-kg category, Wang Mingyuan (CHN) won with 90/110, and had to withdraw after appearing to injure her left knee on her second clean and jerk. Tara (Nott) Cunningham, defending Olympic champion, went five for six, finishing in seventh place with 77.5/97.5.

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