Mt. Rainier's Strongest Man and Strongest Woman 4

It’s a different kind of strongman contest: sure it features stones, logs and pulling a truck, but it’s also a fundraiser - for Fragile X - and it’s drug tested.

Let’s start with the money: “Once again all money raised will be donated to the Fragile X Research Foundation,” meet director and Rainier CrossFit founder Kurtis Bowler told IronMind®.  “In the last three years we have sent over $25,000 to FRAXA.  One of the great things about FRAXA is that 92% of the money they take in goes directly to fund research.”

There are two women’s classes, three men’s classes, and “the top finisher in each weight class will be tested for performance enhancing drugs,” said Bowler.  “US Healthworks will be handling the drug testing for us again this year.”

For details, please check the Mt. Rainier's Strongest website.

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