Mr. Olympia Strongman Challenge

“The first ever Mr. Olympia Strongman Challenge is eight days away,” American Strongman Corporation’s Dione Wessels told IronMind®.

The MHP Olympia’s Strongest Man contest is just over a week away.  IronMind® | Artwork courtesy of Dione Wessels/American Strongman Corporation.
The MHP Olympia’s Strongest Man contest is just over a week away.  IronMind® | Artwork courtesy of Dione Wessels/American Strongman Corporation. 

This contest,  described as a big milestone for ASC, will see "ten of the best strongman athletes in America compete for MHP's Olympia's Strongest Man challenge in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Fifteen thousand dollars in cash will be up for grabs," Wessels said.

“Along with the the American Strongman ‘Live’ event, there will also be other audience participation competitions during the weekend,” said Wessels.

“American Strongman and Flex magazine will have an event at the Flex magazine and Muscle and Fitness booth.  Participants will be required to deadlift a 'Smart Car' for reps, press a log overhead for repetitions, and do a keg run.  The participants will have 30 seconds to complete each event,” Wessels said.

“At the American Strongman booth, there will be several new designs of clothing, including the 2009 America's Strongest Man® event clothing for sale.  It is also a great chance to win some true grip merchandise from IronMind® Enterprises by lifting a challenge weight on the Rolling Thunder.  This is a great event for those who are true grip enthusiasts as well as those wanting to test their strength against some of the country's best strongman athletes,” said Wessels.

“There will also be a farmer's carry, kettlebell lifting and deadlifting at the MHP booth.  If you are a fitness enthusiasts of any type, you definitely do not want to miss the 2009 Olympia weekend expo,” Wessels said.

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