Moscow Grand Prix: "The Globe's Strongest Man"

Scheduled for June 14 -15, the Moscow Grand Prix, called "The Globe's Strongest Man," has drawn some big name strongman competitors from around the world, and Karl Gillingham called this contest, "a huge deal," citing the competitors, prize money and events - the total package put together by contest organizer Sergey Chuburkov.

The Moscow Grand Prix: "The Globe's Strongest Man" is set for June 14 - 15. IronMind® | Poster courtesy of Sergey Chuburkov.
The Moscow Grand Prix: "The Globe's Strongest Man" is set for June 14 - 15. IronMind® | Poster courtesy of Sergey Chuburkov.

With an endorsement like that, let's take a look at the official start list:

1. Boris Haraldsson (Iceland)
2. Dominic Filiou (Canada)
3. Sebastian Wenta (Poland)
4. Karl Gillingham (United States)
5. Kevin Nee (United States)
6. Elbrus Nigmatullin (Russia)
7. Mikhail Sidorychev (Russia)
8. Igor Pedan (Russia)
9. Tarmo Mitt (Estonia)
10. Stoyan Todorchev (Bulgaria)
11. Pavel Soroka (Belarus)
12. Rolands Gulbis (Latvia)
13. Janne Virtanen (Finland)
14. Mark Felix (Great Britain)

IronMind® was told that the prize money starts at US$9,000 for first place and drops down to US$300 for last place.

As far the events go, contest organizer Sergey Chuburkov has presented a list of the possibilities to the competitors, with an interesting description of not just the potential events, but also of his philosophy behind what is included:

"Here is the info on the disciplines and weights you should work with at the Moscow GP. Mind that the order of the exercises and their distribution between the days will be concluded upon everybody's arrival. Besides the referee's decision, we also need the opinion of the contestants. The total number of disciplines will not exceed eight. Herewith I will introduce to you all possible exercises, which will be later reduced to no more than eight."

"Our aim is to choose the most vivid and spectacular ones. The disciplines chosen should demonstrate the overall power and endurance, accompanied with emotions, of both the athletes and spectators."

1. Truck Pull: 10-12 tons, 20-25 m distance
2. Farmer's Walk: 2 athletes, 150 kg
3. Kettlebell: 80 kg, pressing or jerking for reps
4. Tire Flip: 2 athletes, 350-400 kg tires
5. Atlas Stones: 100 kg, 120 kg, 140 kg, 160 kg, 180 kg
6. Power Stairs: 220 kg, 240 kg, 260 kg
7. Conan's Wheel: 350-400 kg
8. Barrel Loading: three 100-kg barrels
9. Platform of V. Dikoul: "This exercise has been specially designed and approved by Mr. V. Dikoul for our grand prix and has no analogues anywhere. The platform with a car (supposedly VW-Passat) rests on the shoulders of an athlete. The winner is defined by the maximum time. The approximate total weight of the construction is 2300 kg."
10. Hercules Hold: with cars
11. Car Deadlift: for reps

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