More on the 2005 World's Strongest Man Contest

With all eyes in the strongman world focused on the rapidly-changing landscape, fundamental changes have just been announced by the World's Strongest Man Super Series/World's Strongest Man contest stakeholders.

Of top importance to US strongmen, a statement was made that they would like to have four or five American competitors in the 2005 World's Strongest Man contest, and as a demonstration of their commitment to building strongman beyond its current stature, a World's Strongest Man Super Series spokesman said today that with their enormous television reach and the other resources at their disposal, they expect to be able to create "a superstar strongman celebrity" within six months to one year's time.

And just what kind of TV coverage are they talking about? ESPN will televise each 2005 Super Series event with a one hour show and the 2005 World's Strongest Man contest is scheduled to run in 105 countries, ensuring massive exposure for the competitors.

In addition to this contest detail, the new organizational structure of the World's Strongest Man Super Series/World's Strongest Man contest was outlined.

Terry Todd, Ph.D. was named head of the technical committee, which has responsibility for such things as the World's Strongest Man officiating, and the formulation of a health policy, which will include a drug-testing policy that will conform with "established international standards." Dr. Todd was described as being "very passionate about the future of the sport." An athlete committee was also formed, with Odd Haugen named in charge of North America, and Colin Bryce named in charge of the rest of the world. This committee will have responsibility for such things as athlete selection and recruitment.

The competition machine, while hugely formidable in terms of its integrated competitions, high level of prize money and far reaching television exposure, was described as an alliance, where all elements are working together for the advancement of strongman as a sport.

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