More on Mikhail Koklyaev: Russian Strongman Involved in Tragic Car Accident

With the help of multiple sources, IronMind® has confirmed that at least the basic story reported yesterday about Mikhail Koklyaev’s car accident is accurate, and now more details are emerging about the circumstances leading up to and following the death of a pedestrian hit by the popular Russian strongman.

First, IronMind® has been told that no official police report has been issued yet, and even though the accident occurred last Friday, word of it only reached the media yesterday.  Mikhail (Misha) Koklyaev, we are told, is in the hospital with moderate injuries.

Although there continues to be unofficial speculation about whether or not Koklyaev was drunk at the time, it has been reported that the pedestrian was crossing the street against a red light when struck by Koklyaev’s speeding car.

IronMind® will release more details as they become available.

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