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IronMind® has just received clarification of the IFSA-imposed suspension of Mariusz Pudzianowski. The official IFSA statement follows.

"IFSA Strongman [worldwide governing body for the Strongman sport] has confirmed that one of its athletes has tested positive for a banned substance and as such breached its health policy.

The athlete is twice world champion Marius Pudzianowski from Poland, who recognized the breach and dismissed his right to have a B sample confirming the initial conclusion.

Pudzianowski tested positive in the World's Strongest Man 2004 competition, which took place in October in the Bahamas. An initial communication was sent to the athlete together with a provisional suspension on the 8th of November 2004. Pudzianowski acceptance of the result led to an official notification sent on the 20th of November 2004 informing him of a 12 month suspension which could be revised subject to the athlete taking part in a rehabilitation course.

As a result of this suspension Marius Pudzianowski is disqualified from the World's Strongest Man 2004 competition and his results voided including all prize money, ranking points and associated recognition.

'The doping tests are being conducted to make sure that the sport which is followed by a large number of young fans and families, remains clean and sets the example for the young generation.' Said Ali Gursoy, IFSA spokesperson.

'While IFSA allows several products which may be banned from other disciplines, the federation is particularly strict on substances that can affect the well being of its athletes. The banned substances list is updated regularly and all are parties given access to this information.'

'This is the first case IFSA have encountered and obviously whilst making everybody extremely sad the federation had to take action for the interest and integrity of the sport and all the parties involved in the discipline,' continued Ali Gursoy.

'Marius Pudzianowski is a great name in the sport and his contribution both from a personal and professional perspective has been widely recognized. He is a leading figure among fans, media, national and international governing bodies. However he breached the rules and accepted it, so the world governing body had no other choice but to suspend him from competing at any official or unofficial IFSA sanctioned competition for the next 12 months.'

The Federation's policy to support athletes in difficulty enables IFSA to offer to revise the suspension period if the athlete undertakes and successfully completes a rehabilitation scheme led by their own medical team."

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