More on Iceland’s Strongest Woman

Gemma Magnusson, organizer of the Iceland’s Strongest Woman 2011 contest, told IronMind the winner, Bryndís Ólafsdóttir, “reclaimed her title after a 13 year break: [She was] champion in 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and now 2011.”

“It was the battle of the champions with Bryndís having won the title 4 times in the 90's, Johanna Eivinsdottir the 2009 champion against Thora Thorsteinsdottir the 2010 champ who recently competed at the UFSA World's Strongest Lady championships.  There were only 1.5 points separating the top two and Thora who was consistently high placing, had her title taken from her by the very experienced Bryndis.

"The competition was the best one yet.  I had the best team of people to help out which made the competition run like clockwork! Georg Ogmundsson (Former World’s Strongest Man competitor) did an excellent job as head judge.  I awarded Lilja Rut Jonasdottir (56-kg competitor) with a special award for showing the most spirit during the whole competition, [as] she was so awesome to watch.  Strongwoman is getting very popular in Iceland: I held a training day every Saturday for 12 weeks before the competition and coached most of the women that competed.  These women have the most inspiring mentalities, real Viking Spirit!

“This is the first time that the competition was filmed for broadcast on RUV, the Icelandic government channel, and it looks like the start of a great future for the sport of Strongwoman!"

“Those wanting to see pictures and see the broadcast of the show that will be shown on the government channel in a few weeks can join our Facebook group,” Gemma Magnusson said.

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