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Paul Ohl, Chairman of the Fortissimus (Louis Cyr World Strength Challenge 2008), has given IronMind® a statement that addresses some of the questions that have already arisen about this just-announced strongman contest.

"For the first time ever, a strongman competition will link the past, honoring both a legendary figure - Louis Cyr - and some traditional events. This is why the invited athletes will compete to the end, with no qualification heats to reduce the field.

This will also be the highest-prized competition (financially speaking) ever held on Canadian grounds.

The LOUIS CYR WORLD STRENGTH CHALLENGE is meant to become a Classic. The promoters have therefore made a bid to stage the event for the next three years with an option on a multiyear carry-over.

Invitations to the selected strength athletes will be sent out by the end of November 2007." 

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