More on Canada’s Strongest Man From Day 1

Still unofficial, IronMind® has received some additional details on the battle for Canada’s Strongest Man where by all accounts, yesterday saw a very intense competition in this major strongman contest - with Christian Savoie establishing himself as the leader at the end of day 1.

In the first event, an arm-over-arm pull, Christian Savoie won by a margin of 0.1 second, signaling that the contest would be close and that he was there to win.

Next up was a deadlift for reps and this (not a squat as reported yesterday) produced a three-way tie as Christian Savoie, Louis-Philippe Jean and Jean-Francois Caron pulled 8 reps . . . six more than the next competitor, indicating that this group of three was producing a contest within a contest.

Only Christian Savoie and Louis-Philippe Jean finished the power stairs, and Christian Savoie took top honors by five seconds over the defending Canada’s Strongest Man, Louis-Philippe Jean.  Jean-Francois Caron and Mike Saunders finished 14 of the 15 stairs within the time limit.

Wrapping up the first day were the Atlas Stones, and although IronMind® has few details on the event, we heard that things were made tougher by the hot weather, and that Christian Savoie once again won the event and that Louis-Philippe Jean came in fourth.

Stay tuned for more action today, as the battle for Canada’s Strongest Man continues.

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