More from Canada: "It Is a War"

"'The Boss,' as they call Hugo Girard, did what he had said: put the stakes high and fight it out," reports Paul Ohl from the Canada's Strongest Man contest.

"Up to this day, the Canadian phenom had never lost a contest on home grounds and it appears that he will do what it takes to keep the record untouched.

"After the first day and four events, Hugo Girard won the Seated Vertical Pull, won the Squat (7 reps with 720 pounds), took second place at the Fingal's Fingers and had a let down at the Atlas Stones. Enough to clutch first place with 40 points out of a max of 48.

"Jessen Paulin, the current Canadian champion is right there for the fight, finishing at 37 points. He completed the day putting up all five stones. As it is many call him 'Lord of the Stones.'

"Dominic Filiou, at 36.5 points is very much in the battle with Louis-Philippe Jean, the upcoming star, one point behind at 35.5 points.

"Christian Savoie, another surprising Quebecer, is in fifth place with 31 points.

"Sunday will gather thousands . With a sunny forecast and cool weather, the contestants will be facing the grueling truck pull, the four logs, the lumberjack 825-pounds walk and the crushing medley: 1000-pounds tire flips (4), 800-pounds yoke and the 525-pounds power stairs.

"If Hugo Girard keeps up the pace, he should reach top three in all four events and win the title. He had great fears before the squat given the injured knee that kept him away for two years. He won the event. Now he is four events away from his initial goal: getting the title back. As for Jessen Paulin he is one proud defending champion. A great gentleman, he supported Hugo Girard all the way during rehab. Both men deserve to be recognized as champions."

Stay tuned today!

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