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We've got another red hot report from Dione Wessels at the All Nations strongman contest.

Today is Team Viking (4 Finns and one Icelandic) against Team Ukraine (yes Vasyl is here). On the Island stones, Jarno has difficulty loading the blue stone which cost valuable time. They put Juha in, he loads it, and they finish with a time of 221.97 on the pink stone (stone 5). Team Ukraine has an upset in the stone load. A new member on the team has major difficulty loading the brown stone (stone 3), Vasyl pulls him out and goes in to load it. Later, they cannot load the pink stone, Vasyl yells at it, but still fails to load it. They finish with a time of 104.46 on the blue stone (stone 4). Team Viking wins this event.

On the 3 man log for reps, Team Ukraine finishes with a strong 12 reps. Team Viking finishes with 8 reps. Team Ukraine wins. They are tied at the moment 15 to 15. Next is the wt. for ht."

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