Mohegan Sun Grand Prix: Million Dollar Squat

The final competition in the 2005 World's Strongest Man Super Series will be in the US, at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, on August 10, with Glenn Ross, Janne Virtanen, Mariusz Pudzianowski, Jesse Marunde and Odd Haugen among the starters.

With a minimum of $25,000 in prizes and an invitation to the World's Strongest Man contest on the line, this is expected to be a great strongman competition.

Events are:

Farmer's carry: 175-kg per hand for maximum distance
Axle lift: 300 pounds from the ground to overhead for maximum reps in 60 seconds
Atlas stones: load four stones (260 - 420 pounds) in the fastest time
Mohegan Million Dollar Lift: squat-type platform lift for reps with a million dollar load (about 1,000 pounds), 60-second limit
Limo lift and hold: car deadlift and hold (no straps)
MET-Rx power medley: yoke, tire flip, power stairs; fastest time wins

For details on the Mohegan Sun and tickets (which go on sale July 11), please check the Mohegan Sun website.

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