Misha Koklyaev Wins SCL - Finland

Setting the stage for day two at SCL Finland in Ideapark, Ilkka Kinnunen told IronMind®, “All the athletes looked fresh and ready for one of the heaviest deadlift events ever: The weight was 380 kg!!”

Misha Koklyaev, winner of the 2010 SCL Finland strongman competition, repping out on the 380-kg deadlift.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL.
Misha Koklyaev, winner of the 2010 SCL Finland strongman competition, repping out on the 380-kg deadlift.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL.

Remember, though, this is Finland, the home of really heavy strongman events.

“I interviewed Misha for Finnish TV and he said that ‘it was heaviest I have ever done in competition,’” Kinnunen said.  “But the results were amazing: Misha Koklajev did 7 reps, Terry Hollands did 6 reps and Agris Kazelniks did 5 reps.”

“After deadlift, the athletes had one hour rest before hitting the log lift for max event.  Again we saw some great lifts.  The winner, Vidas Blekaitis, did very easy 190 kg and he tried 200 kg, but a small injury in his shoulder prevented the last lift.  Second were Misha Koklayjev and Johannes Årsjö, both with 180 kg, and then Terry Hollands with 175 kg.

“The last event of the competition was sack loading: 4 sacks and loading distance was 5 meters. The winner of the event was Travis Ortmayer at 20.25 seconds; second was Misha Koklyaev at 21.00 seconds, and third was Christian Savoie, at 21.56 seconds.

Here are the official final results:

1. Misha Koklyaev 53.5
2. Terry Hollands 46.0
3. Travis Ortmayer 43.0
4. Vidas Blekaitis 39.0
5. Johannes Arsjo 36.0
6. Agris Kazelniks 35.0
7. Christian Savoie 35.0
8. Konstantyn Ilin 17.5
9. Jani Kolehmainen 13.0
10. Juha Matti Jarvi (injured) 7.0

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