Mike Zolkewicz Hits 18’ 5” in Weight for Height

This weekend’s Kansas City Highland Games were packed with action, including a sensational 18’ 5” throw in the 56-lb. weight for height by Mike Zolkewicz.

Francis Brebner filed this report for IronMind®.

2009 Kansas City Highland Games
by Francis Brebner

The Kansas City Highland Games this weekend were the host of this year’s USA National Weight for Distance Championships, which had a star lineup of the best American athletes from all across the nation.

The conditions were a little muddy but still big distances were thrown by all.

In the 22-lb. Braemar stone it was Sean Betz who took the first win with a distance 41' 6".  Second was Mike Zolkiewicz with 40' 10" and third was Dan McKim 40' 4".

In the 56-lb. weight for distance, Eric Frasure narrowly took the win over Kerry Overfelt with a throw of 44'.  In second was Kerry Overfelt with 43' 8" and Mike Zolkiewicz third with 43' 3".

Going into the 28-lb. weight for distance, it was very tense between Frasure and Overfelt, with Frasure finally securing the win and the title of USA National Weight for Distance Champion with a throw of  84' 5". In second was Overfelt with 83' 9" and once again in third was Zolkiewicz with 82'.

In the 16-lb. hammer, it was Overfelt who got some payback with a winning distance of 133' 6".  Second was Dan McKim with a 133' 4" and Larry Brock was third with 128' 11".

In the caber toss, which was a monster and as big at the bottom, weighing 135 lb. and 19' long, it was Mike Zolkiewicz with a toss of 12:30 that took first place, with Betz in second with 1:30 and surprisingly, Dan McKim in third spot with 89 degrees.

In the 56-lb. weight over the bar done in the traditional standing style, it was Zolkiewicz who dominated with a throw of 18' 5" for the win and set new American record in the process.  In second was Overfelt with 17' and Betz in third with 16'.

The final event of the competition was the 20-lb. sheaf toss done from a standing position; Frasure took the win with a height of 35', with both Betz and McKim clearing 34’ for a new PR for both with Betz taking second spot over McKim on countback in the sheaf.
Top three overall positions

Kerry Overfelt     19 pts
Sean Betz           20 pts
Mike Zolkiewicz  23 pts
Sean Betz commented on Zolkiewicz’s throw in the 56-lb. weight over the bar saying, “That's the best performance I've seen at a Games with his throw of 18' 5" with a very standard weight.”

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