Mike Miller: Out of Powerlifting, Into Strongman

Former top professional powerlifter Mike Miller told IronMind® today that he has retired from powerlifting and is now competing in strongman, saying that he was "tired of working the gear" and was concerned about his health.

Miller, who has benched 630 pounds raw, said that he has cut his body weight from 420 pounds to about 350 pounds. "I feel like a new man," Miller said.

Putting his new fitness level in perspective, Miller said, "I had trouble walking across my parking lot and now I can goof around with my kids. I'm back doing power cleans, pulling a sled, lifting stones. Some 20-year-olds can't keep up with me now."

Miller said that he had gotten caught up in gaining size at any cost, and then a friend of his said, "You're a big strong guy, but it's going to catch up with you."

"I've got six kids," Miller said, giving him plenty of good reasons to stick around for a while.

Miller said that he is careful about what he puts in his body these days, and with one strongman contest under his belt, he has already gotten an invitation to a big competition: Watch for Mike Miller at the United Strongman Series contest in Austria in late August.

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