Mike Jenkins Wins Amateur Strongman Title at the Arnold

Dione Wessels introduced amateur strongman to the Arnold in a big way this year and the man who won the inaugural Amateur Strongman World Championships is Mike Jenkins.

Here are the places and points, officially:

1. Mike Jenkins 58.14
2. Mike Caruso 56.10
3. Alan Kliese 52.75
4. Artis Plivda 50.85
5. Ryan Bracewell 49.14
6. Johnathan Hughes 48.26
7. Brad Ardrey 47.61
8. Dainis Zageris 47.18
9. Scott Cummine 44.32
10. Paul Vallencourt 36.22

Mike Jenkins won the Press Medley, Ryan Bracewell won the Liquid Grip deadlift Medley and Artis Plivda won the Slater Stone Over the Bar, Wessels told IronMind®.  "Great show . . . great crowd!"

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