Michael Hadland Makes the Red Nail Roster

Michael Hadland has just been certified on the IronMind® Red Nail™, proving his mastery of this benchmark short bend.

In the 1993 IronMind® catalog, we wrote, "Right in there with such classic feats of strength as cleaning and jerking 300 pounds and tearing a deck of cards in half is the ability to bend a 60-penny nail." That was how we introduced our Bag of Nails, explaining that hitherto there was no standardization in terms of the difficulty of this and related feats of strength. As the king of the hill in the short bending world, the IronMind® Red Nail™ came to stand as the target for all aspiring world class short benders, and for years, only the great John Brookfield could total it, which he did in a classic style.

Michael Hadland's success puts him in with a terrific group of worthies who have bent this beast and you can see the official list at the Red Nail Roster.

Congratulations, Michael - way to go!

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