Medley Madness at FitExpo

Organized by Odd Haugen, so you know it will be heavy, the All-American Pro Strongman Challenge at the 2007 FitExpo could be nicknamed Medley Madness.

The action begins with three events which will serve as the qualifying round if necessary: farmer's walk (150 kg per hand), super yoke (400 kg) and truck pull. If there are more than a dozen competitors, only the top twelve after these three events will advance, Haugen told IronMind®.

After that, let the medleys begin because deadlifts, power events, farmer's walk and overhead lifts will all be contested in a medley style. The deadlift medley for example comprises a giant fishing pole (600 pounds), Apollon's Axle (650 pounds), barbell (705 pounds) and barrels with side handles (800 pounds). To cap things off, nine Atlas stones (ranging from 225 to 450 pounds) will make up the final event.

The 2007 FitExpo runs February 16 - 18 in Pasadena, California.

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