Marunde Muscle Update: Jesse in China for WSM

Jesse Marunde, who is in China as an ambassador for the upcoming World's Strongest Man show, said that he is being extremely well received and that he has even gotten traditional Chinese medical treatment for his injury.

Marunde, a former weightlifter, told IronMind® that he visited the national training center. "What a treat! Amazing lifters," Marunde said.

Marunde, who injured his leg at the WSMSS Vulkan Grand Prix in Sweden last weekend, was very grateful to the team doctor, who treated him with acupuncture and massage. Concerned that his injury might be slow to heal, Marude said, "Anything I can do to speed it up at this point is critical. WSM is in September."

"This will be, without a doubt, the most entertaining WSM ever," Marunde said. "There is a great deal of support from the country of China in promoting this year's event. The people are very excited and I'm looking forward to the largest crowd the WSM contest has ever seen."

And to underline the scale of China's support for the 2005 World's Strongest Man contest, Marunde is doing a two-hour live television broadcast on national Chinese TV - this has got to be a record for pre-contest exposure by several orders of magnitude.

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