Marunde Edges Pfister in GNC Pro Performance Battle of the Beasts

With the IFSA USA national championships in St. Louis drawing nearer, Jesse Marunde served notice that he's coming on strong, as he edged Phil Pfister at this weekend's GNC Pro Performance Battle of the Beasts.

Marunde finished with 14.5 points, followed by Pfister, at 17.5 points, and Mark Philippi, at 20.5 points. Contest organizer Odd Haugen was fourth (24.5 points), Ken Brown was fifth (31.5 points), Jared Spybrook was sixth (33.5 points), Grant Higa was sixth (34.5 points), and Whit Baskin was seventh (48 points). Karl Gillingham tore his biceps and had to withdraw from the competition.

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