Mark Felix Leads BSM

It was filled with surprises, but when the dust settled at the end of the first day of the finals at the 2007 Britain's Strongest Man contest, Mark Felix was in the lead, two points ahead of Terry Hollands.

The day kicked off with the Farmer's Walk and while Mark Felix was expected to win, things didn't turn out that way: Terry Hollands was hauling, so in an effort to nip him at the finish, Mark Felix dove for the line, but came up just short - forcing him to regroup, pick up the anvils and get them fully over the finish line.

Next, in the Car Walk, Terry Hollands went first, posted what seemed to be a blazing time, but Mark Felix, going last, really hit the gas and won the event.

The last event of the day, the Deadlift, gave Felix a clear win, as he was the only competitor to complete the challenge, and he finished the day in first place, with Terry Hollands two points in arrears.

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