Mariusz is Rocking in Sanya

Rumor has it that Mariusz Pudzianowski hoisted the heaviest stone for the overhead lift - easily - in training, at WSM.

In the final day of training before the 2006 MET-Rx World's Strongest Man contest begins, Pudzianowski "grabbed up the 135-kg stone and pressed it overhead like it was a toy . . ." a WSM insider told IronMind®. This equals the world record for this lift, so it's not surprising to hear that "Mariusz looks very strong."

The defending MET-Rx World's Strongest Man winner isn't the only competitor drawing positive comments, though, as Phil Pfister was described as "looking enormous and in fantastic shape. Both Janne Virtanen and Magnus Samuelsson look great . . . Terry Hollands appears to have lost about 30 kg bodyweight and looks in great shape . . . and Jesse Marunde has stuck on at least 30 pounds since his lean and mean look at Mohegan [WSMSS Mohegan Sun Grand Prix]."

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