Mariusz Pudzianowski Wins WSM

The rave reviews Mariusz Pudzianowski receives from his fellow competitors aren't based on nothing, and today at the 2005 MET-Rx World's Strongest Man contest, he won both events, not just convincingly, but with the net effect that nobody can catch him tomorrow: Mariusz Pudzianowski has won the 2005 WSM title.

Here are the standings through today:

1. Mariusz Pudzianowski
2. Jesse Marunde
3. Dominic Filiou
4. Jarek Dymek
5. Janne Virtanen
6. Ralf Ber
7. Don Pope
8. Tarmo Mitt
9. Dave Ostlund
10. Elbrus Nigmatulin

The 2005 MET-RX World's Strongest Man contest concludes tomorrow, with the Atlas Stones, and in a first, this final event will be broadcast live across China by CCTV5 (the rest of the world will be seeing the shows on the traditional schedule). Huge crowds and tremendous excitement characterized today's competition, even though it rained in the morning.

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