Mariusz Pudzianowski Pulls Out of Fortissimus

Wojtek Witkowski, the co-manager of 5-time World's Strongest Man winner Mariusz Pudzianowski told IronMind®, "Mariusz Pudzianowski will not compete at 2009 FORTISSIMUS Strongest Man on Earth because it is so dangerous to his recovery of [his torn] biceps."

"This is his private decision after consultation with specialists and professional doctor's advice."

"And now this is only official information (dated 03/16/2009, Poland)," Wotek continued, quoting Mariusz Pudzianowski: "I'm sorry but I can't take a part in 2009 FORTISSIMUS competition . . . it is so dangerous for me at that time!"

"If the organizers from FORTISSIMUS need any help in finding any replacement for Mariusz Pudzianowski," Wojtek Witkowski continued, "we can recommend new person from Poland which is Grzegorz Szymanski - second after Mariusz Pudzianowski strongest man from Poland!"

"FORTISSIMUS WORLD STRENGTH was aware of the situation from the moment we were informed of the injury," Paul Ohl told IronMind®. "And we were in constant contact with Mr. Witkowski. We thank him and Mariusz for their cooperation and we wish him a full recovery. We surely realize his disappointment as we know that he had set his sights on winning FORTISSIMUS."

"As an organization we have to be ready at any time and we are. The name of the competitor to step in will be announced in the coming hours."

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