Marc Huster Retires

German weightlifter Marc "Super" Huster made it official and announced his immediate retirement.

Huster, a bona fide superstar in weightlifting, whose epic battles with Pyrros Dimas (GRE) helped define lifting history in the 1990s, will be concentrating on his work in broadcasting, where he has been increasingly active in recent years.

Huster—a world record holder, world champion, and two-time Olympic silver medalist—had the ability to electrify the crowd not just with his lifting, but also with his signature leaps, celebrating a great lift ("Maybe I should have been a kangeroo," Marc once said, explaining his penchant for jumping).

Huster's rare combination of athletic ability, personal magnetism and unflagging sportsmanship will be missed on the platform, but set a high standard for all who follow.

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