Magnus Ver Magnusson: Heart Good, Knees Bad

Magnus Ver Magnusson underwent an ultrasound examination today and the verdict was that his heart is doing fine, he said.

The four-time "World's Strongest Man" contest winner has qualified for this year's show, but had been asked to provide medical clearance regarding his heart.

Magnus told IronMind, "Basically, they said there are no changes and everything looks good. This means the door is open if I want to go." Nonetheless, Magnus said he might sit out this year's WSM event, since knee trouble is holding back his performances. "I pulled my knee a little bit at the Muscle Power and it's not healed up yet, so I'm just waiting to see if that's going to work out O.K. or not. To me it's still a question; I might have to just leave it this year and then go for next year."

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