Magnus Samuelsson: Training DVD Update, Eye on WSM

1998 World's Strongest Man winner Magnus Samuelsson says that he is ready for a really great year.

Last year, Magnus said, he was getting a little flat, and training and competing had become like "another day at work," but now he is really eager once again and looking forward to a great season on the professional strongman circuit. Magnus said that he is basing his year on nice, steady progress in the early part of the year, with plans to be in top shape for World Muscle Power on June 6 in Quebec, saying that "World Muscle Power was one of the best contests last year. Ilkka Kinnunen always sets a good standard, too," Magnus added, explaining that he will compete in top form in one of Ilkka's events this year also.

Meanwhile, in addition to training hard, Magnus is doing some exhibitions for Ford, and is wrapping up things on his training DVD, which will include an introduction to Magnus, a discussion of nutrition and supplements, event training, gym training and competition clips.

More details on this DVD will follow as soon as they are available.

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