MILO: Strength . . . June 2016 Issue is Here

Looking as if he will be next Georgian superstar in the sport of weightlifting, Lasha Talakhadze turned in a riveting performance at the 2016 European Weightlifting Championships, where he went six for six, with lifts that included this 212-kg snatch, which gave the impression of a hot knife cutting through butter. IronMind® | ©Randall J. Strossen photo

Weightlifting, grip, strength world history, training, people and much more—MILO covers the strength world unlike any other publication on the planet.

If you love strength, you’ve probably met MILO—since 1993, the world’s premier publication serving up information and inspiration to serious strength athletes.

Here’s the complete table of contents for the June 2016 issue of MILO: Strength.

Enjoy and don’t forget to Lift more than you can.


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