MHP Strongman Champions League Stage 3: SCL Log Lift World Championships

Stage 3 of the SCL 2016 tour is the Log Lift World Championships in Kaunas, Lithuania. IronMind® | Image courtesy of SCL

The 2016 SCL Log Lift World Championships are tomorrow, May 21, and there is every expectation that the King of the Log Lift, Zydrunas Savickas, will once again deliver a new world record.

Live broadcasting and a field filled with impressive strongman athletes, “will make this world championships one of the most spectacular log lift worlds ever,” SCL director Marcel Mostert told IronMind.

Here is the line up:
1 Zydrunas Savickas              Lithuania
2 Vidas Blekaitis                    Lithuania
3 Vytautas Lalas                    Lithuania
4 Saulius Brusokas                Lithuania
5 Gregorsz Szymanski            Poland
6 Dainis Zageris                     Latvia
7 Graham Hicks                     England
8 Dimitar Savatinov               USA
9 Niels Gordijn                      Holland
10 Patrick Baboumian           Germany
11 Matjaz Belsak                   Slovenia
12 Bjorn Solvang                   Norway
13 Marcos Ferrari                  Brasil

The live broadcast is at 12.00 CET.


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