MHP Strongman Champions League Set for Serbia

Novi Sad, Serbia will be hosting the MHP Strongman Champions League (SCL) this weekend—the third stage of the world’s largest professional strongman tour.

Ervin Katona will be center stage at the MHP Strongman Champions League competition in Serbia this weekend.  Image ©Vladimir Velickovic.  IronMind® | Courtesy of SCL
Ervin Katona will be center stage at the MHP Strongman Champions League competition in Serbia this weekend.  Image ©Vladimir Velickovic.  IronMind® | Courtesy of SCL

“This is the third stage of the MHP/SCL series out of 16,” Marcel Mostert told IronMind.  “Within the next three weeks, we will have SCL Finland, followed by SCL Holland and SCL Latvia—all in June.
“After returning from the MHP/SCL  ‘Brutal Edition’ in Brazil, half of that field will be here in Serbia, with a spotlight on hometown hero Ervin Katona, who is the current SCL leader.  Thor  will also be one to watch,” said Mostert.
Start List

1.       ERVIN KATONA                          SERBIA
2.       THOR BJÖRNSSON                    ICELAND
4.       LAURI NAMI                               ESTONIA
5.       DAINIS ZAGERIS                        LATVIA
6.       SIMON SULAIMAN                     SYRIA
7.       DANIEL WILDT                           GERMANY
8.       AKOS NAGY                               HUNGARY
9.       BJÖRN SOLVANG                      NORWAY
10.     ALEN RADOSEVIC                     SERBIA
11.     ADIN ARNOUT                            BOSNIA
12.     MARTIN WILDAUER                   AUSTRIA

• Truck Pull
• Power Team Forward Hold
• MHP Viking Press
• Farmer's Walk
• Loading Event
• Car Deadlift


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