MHP All Strength Nations

Dione Wessels sent in this report from the first day of the MHP All Nations strongman competition.

"Still on Day one. Team Canada and Team UK has finished 7 events. Team UK wins the first event which was the Island Stone Load. Newcomer Mark Felix loads the black stone for the win weighing in at 410 pounds! It is the first time this stone has been loaded in two years. Second event was the 3 man 680 Log lift for reps. Team Canada finishes with 10 reps, Team UK takes the win with 11 reps. Third event was the 2 man wt. for ht. Canada takes the win, as the UK team seemed out of sync. Not only was the wt. for ht. but also timed. The winning time by Canada was 4 implements 57.61. The 4th event was the Island Stone carry for distance. Canada takes the lead winning with 510'10" over the UK with a distance of 487'6". The 5th event was the wrestling with team Canada winning te best 2 out of 3. UK takes the pole push with a win for the first 2 pushes. Team UK clearly dominated this event as well as the 4 man Sudan Walk with tremendous speed and skill. UK wins day one over team Canada.

Team USA and team Netherlands also competed on day one. he USA came out very strong winning the first four events against the Netherlands. This clearly gave them the win for the day. The USA showed very good team work and skill on the three man log lift as they do enough for the win with 9 reps over the Netherlands 8 repetitions. Steve Kirit and Van Hatfield were the force in the wt for ht. as the USA was the first team to clear the 5th implement weighing 100 pounds. In the Wrestling event, Van clearly dominated his opponent as soon as the whistle blew. Pfister also dominated his opponent after figuring out the event. In the pole push, Team Netherlands wins the 1st out of three against team USA (Pfister, Jon, and Steve). On the second of the Pole push, Jon Anderson sits out, and Van Hatfield goes in. Team Usa wins the second of the Pole Push for the tie for the best two of three. For the third Push, Steve Kirit goes out and Jon Andersen comes back in. Team USA totally dominates Team Netherlands and are now up 6 wins to 0. The last event is the 4 Man Sudan walk. Team Netherlands finishes with a distance of 175' with Jarno clearly giving up instead of finishing. Team USA goes out to the Sudan walk and goes 10' only and waves to the crowd, then runs and plunges in the water."

Many thanks to Dione for letting us know how things are going down there!

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