Louis-Philippe Jean Named Canada's Strongman of the Year

"One month prior to the event, Louis-Philippe Jean had predicted that he would rock the field at FORTISSIMUS 2008," read the press release Fortissimus World Strength sent to IronMind® today.

"He did just that as he came within a fraction of a point of making the podium right behind Derek Poundstone and Zydrunas Savickas.

"That day, June 29, 2008, Louis-Philippe Jean went on, predicting that he would be at the 2008 WSM [World's Strongest Man]. He just earned that right by winning the 2008 Canada's Strongest Man title by a considerable margin.

"At age 24, the Quebecer became the youngest Canadian strongman ever to qualify for the World Strongest Man competition, and some experts see him shattering strongman records by the time he reaches 25.

"Given these outstanding accomplishments, FORTISSIMUS WORLD STRENGTH (CANADA) has elected Louis-Philippe Jean as CANADA's STRONGMAN OF THE YEAR, with second place going to Christian Savoie, the winner of the 2008 Quebec Strongman Cup."

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