Louis Cyr World Strength Challenge . . . US$50,000

Earlier, IronMind® had reported that a major strongman contest set in Canada and honoring the great Louis Cyr was under discussion for 2008, and we have just received confirmation that the contest is going forward . . . The official press release follows.

"It just came out from Quebec City and it will be a blockbuster in the world of strongmen events in 2008. As it will be the year of the 400th anniversary of the founding of historical Quebec, the oldest fortified city in North America, part of UNESCO's patrimonial sites and cradle of the French culture in America as well as the 110th anniversary of the founding of the Louis Cyr's Big Circus, considered as the forefather of Le Cirque du Soleil of world fame, a world-class strength competition will be held in the first days of August 2008.

THE LOUIS CYR WORLD STRENGTH CHALLENGE 2008 also referred to as THE DECATHLON OF STRENGTH:  Held over two days, the competition will host 8 strength athletes (invited on the basis of their track record of the past two years). All expenses paid.

Prize money will amount to some $50,000 US.

The winner will be awarded the FORTISSIMUS trophy (this is the Latin word meaning THE STRONGEST), A BRONZE SCULPTURE of considerable value, representing Louis Cyr's one-arm dumbell press as performed in 1892 at the Royal Aquarium Hall in London, UK.

First ever, the competition will honour the long tradition of stone lifting with an astounding final event called THE CIRCLE OF STONES.

The competition will be held under the LOUIS CYR BIG TOP, a venue that will be set up to honor the former Louis Cyr circus.

The detailed events, including competition rules, will be disclosed by April 15th and sent out by May 1st to all competitors."

IronMind® will post more material on this contest, as it becomes available, so stay tuned. 

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