Ljudmila Gayduchenko Threatens Women’s Rolling Thunder World Record

Ukrainian powerlifter Ljudmila Gayduchenko succeeded with 68 kg on the Rolling Thunder, brushing up against the women’s world record of 69.25 kg.

Based on the report that IronMind received, the Ukrainian organizers were focussed on the prior women’s Rolling Thunder world record (also held by Finland’s Jaana Tanner), which stood at 66.75 kg and, thus, they thought Gayduchenko had broken the world record when she succeeded with 68 kg. 

Although this is purely speculation, based on the video clip reviewed by IronMind, Gayduchenko appeared fully capable of doing 70 kg had she known this was what was required for a new world record, so it is expected to her return to competition with the intention of not just breaking the world record in the Rolling Thunder but also becoming the first women to officially lift 70 kg on this international benchmark of grip strength.

Gayduchenko is latest woman to officially lift in the range of +65 kg, a mark first set by England’s Elizabeth Horne in 2007.


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