Latvian Amateur Strongman Federation: 2nd Stage

Raivis Vidzis and Vlad Redkin have organized the second stage of the Latvian Strongman 2010 series, with the contest taking place at Kipsala International Exhibition Center on March 27.

Vlad Redkin told IronMind® that he has 20 competitors and the events are:

Atlas Stones: five stones (90 - 140 kg)
Log Lift for reps: 90 kg
Deadlift for reps: 200 kg
Farmer’s Walk: 2 x 110 kg/50 m
Tire Flip: 320 kg, 8 flips

Redkin also said that he and Raivis Vidzis plan to organize the 2nd Latvian Rolling Thunder® Championships later this year.

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