Last Man Standing: Casting Call For "The Challenge of a Lifetime

Think you are fit, bold, ready for a big adventure, want to be in a TV series about tribal sports and can handle what is being billed as "the challenge of a lifetime?"

She's looking for "athletic, western adventurers to send to the most remote corners of the globe to live with indigenous peoples, train with them, and take part in their ancient sporting festivals," said Louisa Griffith-Jones, Casting Producer for Last Man Standing, a BBC (UK) and Discovery (US) series.

"I would really like to reach out to the World's Strongest Man community for this," Griffith-Jones told IronMind®. "I think the skills and discipline required would work well."

The first first series will be broadcast in late summer and Griffith-Jones told IronMind®, "The three selected American sportsmen had an incredible adventure living with tribes in places like Africa, Brazil and Mexico."

This casting call is for the second series.

If you have a "a passion for sport and competition, a thirst to explore some of the most remote places on the planet, a desire to live with traditional tribes, and to learn from them," plus if you are available "to go on a series of adventures from September or October 2007 for 24 weeks of the next 52," please toss your hat (spear?) into the ring by sending an email to:

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