"Last Man Standing"

IronMind® has received the official list of competitors and events for Norway's Strongest Man, which is on May 20.

Competing are: Svend Karlsen, Odd Haugen, Arild Haugen (who, we are assured, is not Odd's son), Reidar Kvåle, Espen Aune, Kjetil Olsen, Bjørn Larsen, Haldor Berg, Egil Johnsen and Andreas Tiller.

The events are:

1. Yoke race: 380 kg for 30 meters
2. Tire medley: Two tires (380 kg and 480 kg), 3 flips on each
3. Stones, 120 kg - 180 kg.
4. "Last man standing" Log: 140 kg and one after another, each competitor tries to lift the log; if you miss, you're out, and if you make it, you join the line to jump in and try it again
5. Cross carry: 200 kg, lifted from the ground, and carried 30 meters for time
6. Medley: Farmer's walk (150 kg), tire flip, loading three beer barrels on a platform.

Organized by the irrepressible Lene Karlsen (of MILO® strongman article fame), who will also emcee the event, Norway's Strongest Man is scheduled to air on Norway's largest TV channel, and then on a pay channel.

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