Larry Brock Wins Loch Norman Highland Games; Eric Frasure Sets a World Record

The competition was red hot at the Loch Norman Highland Games, with top throwers showing especially fine form for so early in the 2010 Highland Games season.

You practically need a telescope to follow Eric Frasure’s world record sheaf toss.  IronMind® | Courtesy of Francis Brebner/Eric Frasure.
You practically need a telescope to follow Eric Frasure’s world record sheaf toss.  IronMind® | Courtesy of Francis Brebner/Eric Frasure.

2010 Loch Norman Highland Games
by Francis Brebner
Big throwing characterized the 2010 Loch Norman Highland Games last weekend as Larry Brock and Eric Frasure dueled, producing a world record and some of the finest throwing at the beginning of a Games season.
The competition got off to a flying start for Brock in the 18-lb. open stone, where he won with a put of 48’ 9”; in second place was Frasure with 47’ 3” and in third place was Chris Chafin with 47’.
In the 56-lb. weight for distance, Brock again dominated with winning throw of 44’ 8”.  Kerry Overfelt was in second place with 42’ 4-1/2” and Frasure in third with 41’ 3”.
In the next event, the 28-lb. weight for distance, a heated battle between Frasure and Brock come down to the wire, with Brock nailing the victory with a superb distance of 87’ 11-1/2” and Frasure just in the rear with 86’ 10”.   Overfelt took third place with 83’ 10”.
As the contest continued with the 22-lb. hammer, spectators cheered on Frasure and Brock as they went back and forth in a ding-dong battle.  This time Frasure came out triumphant with the winning throw of 114’ 5”, and Brock now having to settle for second place with 112’ 4”.  Mike Pockoski landed in third place with 109’ 11-1/2”.
The 16-lb. hammer was nothing but outstanding as the dynamic duo Brock and Frasure both went over the 140’ barrier, with Brock throwing the top distance of 144’ 8” and Frasure producing 140’ 2-1/2” for second place.  In third place was Pockoski with 133’ 7-1/2”.
In the caber, three athletes landed 12 o’clock tosses:  Brock and Pockoski tied for first place, with Frasure in third place.
The 22-lb. sheaf toss was a magical event for Frasure as he conjured up not only the winning throw but also a new world record with a height of 36’ 1”.  Brock held on to second place with 31’, and Mike Nease, at 29’, settled for third on countback.
The final event of the competition, the 56-lb. weight over bar, ended in a tie between Brock and Frasure at 17’, with Chris Chafin and Mike Nease at 16’.
Overall place and points:

1. Larry Brock 10.5
2. Eric Frasure 16.0
3. Kerry Overfelt 32.0
4. Mike Pockoski 32.5
5. Chris Chafin 36.5
6. Mike Nease 40.5


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