Larry Brock Wins Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

Adding another feather to his cap, Larry Brock won the prestigious Grandfather Mountains Highland Games this past weekend.

Getting long in the hammer, Larry Brock gets ready to launch another big throw.  IronMind® | File photo by Francis Brebner.
Getting long in the hammer, Larry Brock gets ready to launch another big throw.  IronMind® | File photo by Francis Brebner.

2009 Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

Reported by Francis Brebner

The 54th Grandfather Mountain Highland Games held this past weekend included a first-class lineup of America’s best heavy athletes, who battled it out over the two-day event.
The star lineup included Larry Brock, Mike Pockoski, Eric Frasure, Kerry Overfelt, Bert Sorin, Chris St. Clair, Chris Chafin, and Kearney Smith.
The Games got off to a great start for Frasure, who won the 20-lb. open stone with a distance of 48’ 2”.  This throw is a huge improvement in Frasure’s putting over last season.  In close second was Brock at 48’ and in third was Sorin at 46’ 11”.
In the 56-lb. weight for distance, Brock pulled out the winning throw of 44’ 11”, with Overfelt in second at 42’ 11” and Pockoski in third at 40’ 1-1/2”.
The 28-lb. weight for distance was another close skirmish between Brock and Overfelt, with Brock snatching his second win of the day with a distance of 82’ 4”.  In second was Overfelt at 81’ 5” and in third, Frasure at 79’ 5-1/2”.
Competition in the 22-lb. hammer was fierce indeed between Pockoski, Brock, and Overfelt, with Pockoski coming out on top with a distance of 112’ 1”, leaving Brock in second at 110’ 4” and Overfelt just behind in third spot at 109’ 10-1/2”.
In the caber toss, with a 19’ 6” and 130-lb. pole, it was Pockoski and Frasure who shared the win with perfect 12' tosses.  In third, equal were Brock, St. Clair and Overfelt with tosses of 12' 15".
The final event of the competition, the 56-lb. weight over the bar, witnessed four athletes establishing a new ground record as Brock, Pockoski, Frasure and Overfelt all tied at 17’ 6”.
Brock, who is looking on form for next weekend’s IHGF World Highland Games Team Championships, which will be held in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, said he was very happy with his performance and is looking forward to possibly bringing the team title home to the USA.

Final standings:

1.  Larry Brock        14 points
2.  Mike Pockoski    18.5
3.  Eric Frasure        20

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